How Important is a Seasonal Maintenance Check?

Getting the car down to the service center for a seasonal maintenance check could help you avoid spending excess money this year in repairs that could have been averted. Here are a few things to expect at the checkup.

The filters need to be carefully inspected and replaced to allow the engine to operate in a peak state. The tires need to be rotated so they can better grip the road and that uneven wear does not reduce the life of the tread. The front end will be aligned to help ensure that the tires are not wearing incorrectly. All of the car engine fluids will be drained and replaced so that moving parts operate correctly. The battery will be carefully inspected and tested to ensure it can go another season.

Here at Bruner Toyota, have the room and staff ready to address the needs of your vehicle quickly and have it back to you in like new condition in no time!

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