Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky Team Gears Up for 2018 Camry Launch

If you've been shopping for a new Toyota in Early, then you've probably heard some of the hype about the upcoming 2018 Camry. But customers and critics aren't the only ones excited. At Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky (TMMK), employees are getting ready for the model that will change everything.

"The launch of the next-generation Camry is important for Toyota in America, and expands the company’s footprint in and commitment to Kentucky. We are proud to be the first in North America to produce a vehicle with TNGA," says TMMK president, Will James. He's speaking about Toyota New Global Architecture, a brand-new platform designed to transform the Toyota lineup into something more dynamic and fun to drive, while preserving dependable build quality.

To support the production of TNGA vehicles like the 2018 Toyota Camry, Toyota has invested $1.33 billion in TMMK to update the facilities and hire over 700 new employees, bringing the total employee count to over 8,000.

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