Parking in Small Spaces

Parking your car is usually a simple task, but sometimes you have to use a little skill to get into a parking space safely, especially if it's a small space. You have to be careful not to ding other cars and give yourself enough room to safely exit your car. Below are some steps on how to park in a small space.

  • Once you've found a spot you should check your mirrors to make sure there isn't a moving vehicle near you. If a vehicle is trying to pass you just wait until it has moved on before you try to park.
  • You may need to fold your mirrors in, if possible. This may help decrease the chances of you hitting another car or another car hitting you and protect them from getting broken off.
  • Begin pulling into the spot by turning your steering wheel and slowly pulling in. As you continue pulling in pay attention to the location of the cars on either side of the spot. If the vehicle on the driver's side is close, give yourself more room by parking closer on the passengers side.
  • Keep going forward until you are in the parking spot and turn off your vehicle.
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