A Message From Toyota: Support National Public Lands on September 30!


On September 30, 2017, Toyota will host 30+ events for employees at varying National Public lands from Oak Point Nature Preserve in Texas to Tombigbee State Park in Mississippi. This is all part of National Public Lands Day, which Toyota is sponsoring for the nineteenth consecutive year since 1999.

Learn More About National Public Lands Day

National Public Land Day, or NPLD for short, is a day devoted to environmental stewardship and appreciation of nature. Over one third of America's land is National Public Land. That includes everything from local preserves to National Parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite. National Public Lands Day, brought to the public via the National Environmental Education Foundation and sponsored by Toyota reminds us to enjoy and protect the National Public Lands that make America so beautiful.

Share what you did on National Public Lands Day with the rest of the country over social media using the hashtags #NPLD and #WhyICare. Happy exploring, and enjoy your time in nature!

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