Check for Coolant Puddles Under the Engine

Vehicle engines generate high levels of heat. The cooling system is a vital part of a smooth functioning engine because it dissipates the excess heat and protects the engine and the moving parts. The radiator is the central part of the cooling system; it uses the outside air to keep the engine in the proper temperature range.

Drivers in Early, TX know that wet circles beneath the car should raise a concern. Leaking coolant can deprive your engine of the protection it needs to keep temperatures in the correct range. Too much engine heat can warp critical parts and damage the engine. The coolant system and radiator require regular maintenance and a drain and refill at the manufacturer's recommended times.

At Bruner Toyota, we provide maintenance services to meet your manufacturer's recommendations. Our services include regular inspection of hoses, connections, the radiator, and the cooling system. Call or visit online to make an appointment for cooling system service.



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