Focus on These Toyota Avalon Safety Features

This year, the new Toyota Avalon has become one of the most desirable full-size sedans on the market due in part to the safety features. These are a couple safety features every driver will certainly appreciate.

How does the Avalon make driving at night safer? The vehicle comes with an Automatic High Beams system that maintains the headlights are always in the best position to improve visibility. If no cars are present, the high beams stay on, if a car is detected, the system will toggle to the low beams temporarily.

Want a safer car on the highways? The Avalon has you covered with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system too. Set your desired speed and only if a car is detected moving slower will your speed be reduced to avoid a potential accident.

The Toyota Avalon is here at Bruner Toyota waiting for you to take it out for a test drive today.



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