Check Out the Toyota Corolla iM Safety Features

The new Toyota Corolla iM is a popular hatchback in part because of these safety features.

Here is how the Toyota Corolla iM is able to help reduce the chances of you being involved in a collision. Sensors of the Pre-Collision Assist at the front of the vehicle scan the road and when anything in your path exists, you'll get alerts, followed by the braking system pre-charging to slow the vehicle.

If the Toyota Corolla iM begins drifting from the lane lines, the vehicle is equipped to keep you safe. The radar technology that makes up the Lane-Keeping System will scan and identify drifting, send vibrations to the steering wheel similar to the feeling of driving over rumble strips, allow you time to correct.

Before you commit to buying a new vehicle, take a minute to test drive the all-new Toyota Corolla iM when you come to visit us at Bruner Toyota.



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