The Difference Between Oversteering and Understeering

When you drive a vehicle around a corner in Early, TX, you expect it to follow the road, so that you can continue on your way after you round the curve. However, because of the weather, the condition of the road and your tires, your speed, or the sensitivity of your steering mechanism, that may not happen.

Oversteering is when your vehicle turns by much more than you want, forcing it to spin. Understeering is when the car turns by less, swinging it off the road. Either situation may cause an accident.

You can prevent these conditions from happening by manually adjusting braking, speed, and steering torque. However, many of the vehicles that you find at Bruner Toyota in Early, TX contain driver assists to prevent these conditions from happening. When sensors detect that oversteering or understeering is about to take place, they automatically modulate braking or the throttle to bring your vehicle back in line.

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