The Toyota Prius Equals Automotive Ingenuity

When it comes to compact-hybrid sedans, the automotive field is full of top-tier competitors. The Toyota Prius is no exception to the rule as it's the very definition of what a compact-hybrid sedan should be. Of course, the exterior of this car is excellent, but its interior takes things to a whole new level. Let's see what the Prius has in store for you.

At first glance, you'll notice how clean and uncluttered this interior cabin is. Many of the vehicle's controls are in arm's length, and the upholstery is quite comfortable for a car in this particular class. Technological enhancements are in abundance here as the Prius offers Qi-compatible wireless charging, multiple USB ports and superior sound that comes from its JBL Audio. Built-in navigation is another bonus as well as an intuitive touchscreen display that's 11 inches in size.

If you want to see this vehicle in all of its glory, then stop by our showroom. We might offer you a free test drive just for showing up.

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