The Toyota Yaris: Let's Explore its Safety Features

The Toyota Yaris is a popular subcompact car at Bruner Toyota in Early, TX. At our dealership, the Yaris is sought after because it comes well-equipped with safety features that provide consumers with excellent protection. Let's explore a few of its safety features below.

The Active Safety System is standard with the Yaris. This is a host of active safety features that enhance protection. The Active Safety System comes with a Brake Override System (BOS), Brake Assist (BA), an Anti-lock Brake System, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), a Traction Control System (TCS), and Electronic Brake-force Distribution.

With the Toyota Yaris, the Low-Speed Pre-Collision System is a standard safety feature. This system can scan the road to monitor for potential frontal collisions. If the system detects a frontal collision, it will send the driver a visual and audible alert. When the driver doesn't react in time, the system can activate the automatic brakes.

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