Toyota Avalon: Premium Sedan with Racing Elements

The Toyota Avalon satisfies drives who want to control a full-size sedan with easy access to sporty capabilities. Available with two gas engine blocks and a hybrid system, this Japanese model is sold by Bruner Toyota in Early, TX.

Tested heavily under various driving conditions, the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system is a segment-exclusive hardware that's optional in the Toyota Avalon. Depending on the speedometer reading and road surface, the AVS makes the appropriate calibrations to the independent components in the front and rear of the chassis. For example, the Sport Mode increases the damping effects for a high-speed ride on rough asphalt or concrete pavement.

Optional in select Toyota Avalon trims, the Engine Sound Enhancement is another class-exclusive technology that adds value to performance. This racing-style function amplifies the natural acoustics from the engine block. The Intake Sound Generator also contributes to the signature sounds that are made by this sporty Toyota sedan.

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