Modern engine lubricants are conventional oil, synthetic oil, and a synthetic blend. Conventional oil is refined crude oil. Synthetic oil is human-made developed in a laboratory. A synthetic blend combines traditional and synthetic oil.

The molecular composition of synthetic oil creates a better lubricant. Properties attributed to synthetic oil are extended engine life because synthetic oil produces less engine gunk and lubricates better. Other features are greater resistance to engine heat, evaporation, and oxidation. As a lubricant, synthetic oil has the highest viscosity (thickness) of any engine lubricant.

In both price and lubrication, blended synthetic oil falls between conventional and synthetic oil. To avoid getting a synthetic blend when you want synthetic oil, use the term "full synthetic." When deciding between using conventional oil, synthetic oil, or a synthetic blend, consult your owner's manual or automotive technician. For all your automotive service questions and needs, turn to Bruner Toyota in Early, TX.

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